The Miss Deaf SA Pageant is a non-profitable organization (Reg. No. 2015/199914/08) founded by Gert and Narda Els, a couple that understand, from personal experience, the difficulties of life faced by those with hearing impairment. Although the pageant has been running since 1997, the organization was officially found in 2000. In November 2014 Chris and Leviena Smit joined the Miss Deaf South Africa Pageant and also became Directors of MDSA in May 2015

The main aim of the pageant is to bridge the communication gap between the deaf and hearing communities in South Africa by showcasing the undiscovered talent in our deaf communities and creating life-changing experiences and other opportunities for all ages of deaf and hearing impaired individuals.

Deaf awareness and phobias are part of our everyday life experiences. Hopefully this medium will break these boundaries and help all to understand the need for conciliation.

The Pageant’s vision is to see the whole of South Africa’s deaf society develop through the medium of the beauty and entertainment industry by enhancing self-discipline, confidence, freedom of culture and presenting opportunities to empower people through competition.

MDSA’s Directors and Management team has recently redirected their roots of vision and will from now on embrace the deaf to such an extend to raise funds for cochlear implant instruments. We further more will negotiate with any hospital or surgical necessity to embrace this vulnerable campaign. It will be known as the Decibel Cochlear Campaign.

The mission of the Pageant is to stage a production of the highest caliber, featuring deaf people who are adaptable, flexible and the true heroes of the day. In addition to this, we would like the Pageant to become a vehicle, which drives awareness and understanding.

Miss Deaf South Africa must be an ambassador for her country.  She must be someone who can educate the hearing about the deaf community and share with them the views of the deaf community regarding their so-called ‘disability’. She will deal with and improve issues such as unemployment, human rights and better communication and promote the Decibel Cochlear Campaign.


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