About Us

MDSA is an independent not for profit, DEAF EMPOWERMENT organization, registered as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) founded in 1995 and managed by Deaf and Hearing people.

MDSA is an empowerment platform for goal-driven young DEAF South Africans. Through a pageantry process, contestants are shaped through coaching to become leaders in business and life skills. Contestants become the VOICE that advocates for the DEAF COMMUNITY to be included in development opportunities in an equal manner to inspire fellow DEAF South Africans across different challenges being faced.

Who are we?

MDSA is committed to providing services of excellence, with a strong focus on the pageantry industry. MDSA should be seen as the pageant with a heart because it speaks the most beautiful language.


We are empowered Deaf people, raising awareness about the DEAF Community.


MDSA is transformational in promoting and advancing the rights and the voice of Deaf communities.

Our key objectives:

At its core, MDSA operates as an organization of, by, and for Deaf Ambassadors, hence its core business is to lead the change for inclusivity of the DEAF Community. Another key objective of MDSA is also to build strong networks between the hearing and the deaf community.

Our Flagship projects:

MDSA is an inclusive brand that welcomes young deaf South Africans across different walks of life to engage with our organisation. We empower our contestants to help build a winning nation.

MDSA (Miss, Mr, Mrs Deaf South Africa)

Sign Language Workshops

Entrepreneurship workshops

Introduction to civic technology

We are a diverse organization, aiming to establish building blocks pioneering social change and economic growth and inclusion for Deaf People.

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Email: info@missdeafsa.co.za

Website: www.missdeafsa.co.za

Whatsapp :  071 470 4022